Foods from Farmer's Pick

2009 Mar 20
This is a nice little store. The meat and bakery sections aren't anything spectacular but the deli and produce sections are. Amazing selection in the deli and the produce is amazingly fresh and really does last much longer than the stuff from the chains. If you live in the area this is a much better alternative to Loblaws/Loeb etc. as the prices are pretty much the same and they carry almost everything you could need.

2009 Feb 8
I've been here a lot lately because of the bus strike. My girlfriend's office is next door, so while waiting to pick her up I often find myself buying that evening's dinner ingredients (we run a JIT system for groceries haha)

Farmer's Pick definitely has that little family owned/operated market character. The meat counter carries some stuff you normally wouldn't find at Loblaws like whole rabbits and chorizo sausage. Lots of Italian goods and Euro treats, including a Slavic cola called COCKTA that I always get a kick out of (much to my girlfriend's embarassment). Deli stocks every type of prosciutto or salami you can imagine, and has a large accompanying cheese counter with fresh parmesan and other Italian cheeses. The bakery has an awesome selection of bread and buns! My only gripe is it's almost a separate entity from the store - you have to pay for your goods at that counter.

Best part is the prices are on par with many other grocers. Check it out if you're in the area.

2009 Feb 6
I am also a big fan of Farmer's Pick!

2009 Feb 6
Making your food shopping at Farmer's Pick is a step foward in heathy living.
Fruits and vegetables are fresh and tasty;
the very good quality meat is properly cut and wrapped;
Bakery is very fresh;
overall the service excellent.
Life is easier with Farmer's Pick!

2009 Jan 25
The bread at Farmer's Pick is great! I am quite sure the bakery is owned by FNG Bakery (so the signs say).. although i've tried looking them up before and have yet to find any information on them.
Anyway the bread is fantastic. Authentic italian style breads, filone in white and whole wheat, ciabatta, all sorts of buns from sicilian, kaiser, (more, i just cant remember the names right now) baguettes, rye, corn bread which is really good, 9 grain.

AND they make the best pizza bread ever! Its a dough-y crust baked with homemade tomato sauce with the right amount of seasonings. It comes in 9" rounds for $3.50 or small oval for $2.50 and even huge ones that are the size of one bakers sheet pan. Some come with olives and some are more focaccia style with just herbs. They sell out fast though

Caution if coming on weekends, especially in the morning because the local italians will beat you to all the good bread

If you're in the neighborhood at prince of wales and meadowlands you must check out this grocery store and bakery. Great selection at reasonable prices. They also have an instore butcher shop and the guys there are great and very knowledgeable. The prices are almost always better than loblaws (i check weekly) if not at par.

And the deli is so fresh, they have such a big selection of italian meats like 4 kinds of prosciutto, 6 kinds of capicollo, italian hams, like 8 kinds of salami including hot hungarian which is great and rare to find! also regular meats like black forest and chicken breasts. All at the same price as loblaws, if not cheaper when they have sales which is every week. They also carry home made sausages from a little butcher shop in Montreal, they sell out fast though, come on saturday mornings for the fresh stuff.
ALSO fresh tuma and ricotta cheese is found in the deli.

Dont forget about the extensive cheese counter that takes up the whole other side of the deli area. All sorts of great italian cheeses and they will grate them there for you. Ask for Johnny as he's the main cheese guy and knows everything about cheese.
Oh and the dairy area also has goats milk, I haven't seen that in loblaws before..

I could go on forever..
its a Great place, check it out!

2006 Nov 29
Farmer's Pick is a great place to shop for produce and specialty items - mainly Italian in nature. It's Italian family owned and operated, with an awesome reasonably priced bakery as well as a wicked deli, that carries excellent fresh meat and every olive imaginable, where you can get sandwiches made (after purchasing your choice of bread from the bakery). The people that run it really have some pride in quality food. I've lived in this area for 10 years and I'm a big fan of Farmer's Pick. Unfortunately they don't carry alot of tropical style foods like plantains and yucca.

Almost ridiculously huge selection of Panettone, as well as pasta.


2006 Nov 29
It's hard to see the other side of the store in this holiday season, because of the stacks and stacks of every brand available.

If you like Panettone, this is the place to go get it!


2011 Nov 6
Recently, most of the bread loafs that i buy from there (i only buy flax seed bread) are under baked and have a wet bottom!
Shame on you, Italianos!