Foods from St-Estephe


2006 Dec 13
I ate there last night, it was only my second time (even though i live less than 5 minutes away from the place).

On Tuesdays they have some specials along with a piano player, and it's a nice atmosphere, but i decided to skip the specials and go for what i had been drooling over when i looked at the menu earlier in the day.

As an entrée, i tried the Escargots with a cream sauce. I've often had escargots that were too cooked, but these ones were just perfect. The cream sauce was great.

For the main meal, i chose the "duck confit with a blueberry sauce". Now i'm sometimes hesitant to get "fruit sauces" for the simple fact that a lot of them are TOO fruity and take away from the meat they are accompanying. This was NOT the case here. The Duck was definitely the star of that plate and the sauce was there to be second string, which i really liked. :) The duck was also perfectly cooked.

This second experience at le St-Estephe was as good as the first, and i definitely will try to go back soon. Plus, it was decently priced for what i got.

two thumbs up! :p

note: better to call in advance and make a reservation if you're going to be dining there, mostly because it's a great kind of restaurant for Xmas parties (and they have had quite a few).. a few weeks ago i went in but the place was fully booked.