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Miss Chocolat, a.k.a. Nathalie Borne, is an artisanal chocolate maker offering high-end chocolates made with unusual flavours (praline makis, jasmine, Riopelle cheese, goat’s cheese, etc.). Also available: products for diabetics, corporate gifts, interactive workshop for adults and children, as well as a mini chocolate museum in the shop. Located in the Hull sector.

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2009 Feb 10
Miss Chocolat is part of the francophone "tradition" group of Chocolatiers in the Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal corridor. (I can only speak of what I know.)

Like ksw, I also work across from her, and it's been a constant temptation to grab some at all time. She's open to 5:30pm so it's even a temptation on my way to the bus...

Like all places I would call "true chocolatiers", everything is done in-store; you can even see the kitchen right behind the counter and the employees at work. When I started going there, soon after she had moved to the downtown location, she was doing everything herself. She trained assistants when she had to take maternity leave, and now there's five or six people employed in the shop. The quality of the creations has not suffered.

The creations of each of the francophone chocolatiers I've found are all unique, even when going in the same direction. She has a few completely out-of-the-blue flavours that should not work, but do; primarily, the maki praline, combining coriander praline, a thin cookie, ginger and maple syrup wrapped in nori (seaweed sheet used for sushi) has broken more than a few taste buds, but conquered far many more.

Her best-seller remains the Riopelle, which masterfully combines in a dark and milk ganache the soft Québec cheese Riopelle (not ricotta), which was one of her earliest creations in honour of a Riopelle painting exhibition in the Hull City Hall's Art Gallery. It is unctuous, melt-in-your-mouth but not runny, and the cheese flavour is subtly mixed to not be "cheesy" at all, yet you still do taste the cheese's flavour.

As mentioned, she happily gives workshops (adults and kids) on how to make these yourself - which does not mean you can suddenly recreate all those fantastic ganaches at home! :) I'm lucky I can do a fairly nice basic caramel. Putting in cheese, thai spices, or other ingredients remains her secret.

Being of the francophone type of chocolatier, only a few creations contain alcohol: a beer ganache and a couple of powder-coated truffles (port and Grand Marnier). The rest is without alcohol content. There are some made with maltitol for diabetics, and they don't taste any different. She uses Callebaut pellets, and even sells them to people who have followed the workshops so they can try them at home, and almost without markup.

I highly recommend her shop. She also keeps doing special orders, which is how she started, and her christmas trees and sleighs filled with chocolates remain a favourite gift.

Her place and the newer Chalouin chocolatier in central Hull complement each other quite wonderfully.

2008 Mar 8
This is my favorite chocolate store in the National Capital Region. Nathalie makes everything by hand. She's a very crafty woman. She even made a painting entirely with chocolate!

Her storefront is nicely decorated as well as the entire interior. You can see her making chocolates in her little kitchen.

Nathalie is very passionate about her art. You can even learn how to make chocolates by attending her workshops.

I love her "Riopelle" (combination of Dark chocolate and Ricotta cheese?) and also her Praline Makis.

Please note that she's accepting special orders like chocolates for people who has Diabetes. I've ordered some for my mom and my wife. They loved it!

She also makes wedding cakes, corporate gifts and more. They deliver everywhere in the Gatineau and Ottawa region.

Here's her website in English and French:

Try it and you're not going to regret it!

2006 Nov 10
I work right across the street from this store on Promenade du Portage in Hull.
She makes the most amazing and unusual chocolate. My bf LOVES dark chocolate and this is her specialty. Her truffles are the most amazing things. Soft and gooey on the inside and crunchy on the outside.
You can go in at lunch and pick out one or two chocolates for dessert and she puts them in a little bag for you. Perfect for a taste if you don't want to overindulge.

2015 Jan 27
Stopped in for a hot chocolate on a frigid (windy) day. The chocolate smell is intoxicating while I waited for the customer ahead of me to make his selection of chocolates. The hot chocolate was a decent size, not too think, and not too sweet. All in all, exactly what I was looking for. Since Maison Chaloin closed, I'd been seeking an equally delicious cup of hot chocolate in the region. Yum! While you're there, buy one of her strange yet delightful concoctions like sweet potato slices dipped in dark chocolate and ginger. Or her award-winning dark chocolate orange caramel bar -- wow!