York St, next to Zaphod's.
Hot dogs, Sausages, Fries, Poutine, Ice Cream, and Cigarettes.

Sasha's Poutine
Foods from Sasha's Poutine

2011 May 22
It's funny Courtney calls Sasha's the Fry Nazi. My group of friends simply call this place "the Russians". hehehe

They make some of the best chips in town. That being said, they are probably "the best" because you are eating them after a few too many drinks.

After stumbling home from the Honest Lawyer last night, I picked up a fries and gravy. This strikingly beautiful and kind of scary Slovak women served me up very quickly. A medium fries with gravy was 4 bucks I think.

The fries were not soggy. They were crispy but not in a coated batter kind of way. Can't really explain it, but they were very good. The gravy as courtney has said is really tasty. Very meaty and thick.

They also serve ice cream and sell cigarettes for $12 dollars a pack. Genius! all the strip-club and 'dominion' customers come running to Sasha's for their nicotine refills at a highly inflated price. Opportunistic Capitalism at its best :)

One slight word of caution. Every single time I have eaten here, some sketchy crack head approaches me while in the line, or while I'm sitting at the picnic bench eating. Last night was no different. While I was in the line this guy approached me. The same guy came back literally 2 minutes later and asked me again while I was eating. Guess his memory isn't so great. lol.

Long story short. Sacha's Rocks!


2010 Jan 25
My friends and I call this place "Fry Nazi", because it is so damn good that you'll put up with the scowling service, and eventually you will love that too. Their gravy (brown) is good quality, and they use possibly refrigerated cheese curds (not too squeaky but otherwise pass the test), plus the fries are very good. Add some mustard and green olives on top (this is a strangely amazing combination), and you have an excellent late night snack for after the bar.