Foods from Buffet Dragon


2007 Mar 25
We (a group of 5 couples) went there for Sunday brunch buffet. We do find buffet very suitable for group gathering.

One of the couples believe that Buffet Dragon offers the best Chinese buffet food in Ottawa/Gatineau area in terms of price, variety, taste, decor, services.

Our friend recommended us to try their Char Siu, spring rolls. Yes, their Char Siu was very good (China Town quality).

This place has more dim-sum selection like Har Gow, Shiu Mai, potstickers. Their dim-sum tastes better than those at Buffet Yanming. But I believe that their dim-sum (and even Buffet Yanming) must not be made in house (may be ordered from those Toronto suppliers, just like every other buffet places?)

Typical buffet food such as stir-fried noodles, Singapore style Vermicelli, spare ribs, fried chicken wings, etc. are there.

For the soup, they have the Canadian style sweet & sour soup, won ton soup, seafood soup. I do find their sweet & sour soup has more sugar level than the one at Buffet Yanming. Too bad that they don't have congee.

One friend is allergic to MSG. The kitchen made her a dish with no-MSG, which is very nice.

They have many other non-Chinese dishes such as Pancakes, French Toast, Bacon and others as well.

This place is located inside Les Promenades de l'Outaouais shopping centre and is bigger than Buffet Yanming. It is next to Costco. So, you can do your grocery after the brunch.

P.S. The MSG level is high. Just like many other Chinese restaurants.