Taiwanese inside Byward Market Square.

Wang's Noodle House
Wang's Noodle House
Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken at Wang's Noodle House
Foods from Wang's Noodle House

2017 Jul 28
We popped downtown to see La Machine and stopped in to Wang's Noodle House for lunch. This place has one of the best hot and sour soups. Since the soup is vegetarian, I satisfied my meat craving by ordering the pork dumplings.

2017 Mar 18
This is the Eel Noodles with Mixed Vegetables. Lots of udon noodles to fill your tummy. The veggies are an unremarkable combination of bean sprouts plus a frozen blend. The sauce is a sweet teriyaki kind of thing and there's quite a generous portion of eel. Is it worth $15? Not to me, although given the priciness of eel it is in line with other prices on the menu...

2017 Feb 11
Best TPC in the ByWard Market! Also the only TPC in the ByWard Market. Very crunchy and very salty, it was enjoyable enough with a small bowl of rather unremarkable veggie noodle soup.

It cures the urge for TPC but I found the version at Ching's Kitchen to have superior seasoning: more 5-spice flavour and a smidge less salt...

I like the whole idea of this place and since it is super close to my workplace I'll be sure to dig around the menu a little more!