Open Mon-Fri,
BREAKFAST AND LUNCH ONLY. (they close mid-afternoon)

Foods from Cindy's

2011 Jun 1
The village terrace AKA Cindy's.
Has been around for a great many years and thankfully it now begins a new and exciting chapter The Village Terrace had undergone some ownership changes last fall and the direction the new owners took was not great.

THE GOOD NEWS is effective to day Cindy has taken ownership and George has returned to cook.
I hope we can expect the return of the old crowd and some of the old Village Terrace Menu items as well as the new and exciting things Cindy's has promised .

Located in the Rideau Heights Buisness Park, 15 Capella Court, Unit 117, Nepean , Ontario.
6:00 am to 3:00 pm

I have eaten there for a great number of years and will highly recommend it to anyone who wants a great breakfast or lunch at a fair price that is of great quality.


2008 Mar 3
The Banquet Burger here is the best deal in town. A very respectable bacon cheeseburger, complete with tomatoes and sauteed onions. Splurge for the platter (fries and coleslaw) -- it will still cost you less than an inferior meal at a fast food chain.