nose to tail

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Chefs that inspire me.
Fergus Henderson
Martin Picard
Anthony Bourdain
Thomas Keller
Masaharu Morimoto

Books that inspire me.
The Whole Beast (Fergus Henderson)
Mastering the Art of French Cooking (Julia Child)
The Bread Baker's Apprentice (Peter Reinhart)
On Food and Cooking (Harold McGee)
Au Pied De Cocnon (Martin Picard)

If you had seen Pig's cheek and tongue on a dinner menu and got excited. Or if you want to try every tasting menu in the city then we should be friends!

I think, like so many others we should have a connection between our food and where it came from. Using every thing from "nose to tail" and all the "nasty bits" forget the tenderloin (unless in a tartar) and lets experiment with sweetbreads on toast! If thatís on your menu I want to be invited!

I just moved back to Ottawa after living on the west coast for 6 years. I love food just as much as you, maybe more and want to be part of a community I can learn from and teach in. I enjoy all foods and want to taste it all. I want to learn new methods and pass on my discoveries. I just want to learn as much as I can. French is what I like cook and every thing else in world is what I like to eat.

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