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2012 Apr 1
Hey Paul, I just read the forum about your new business. I'm really into the idea of a new food truck in the Ottawa area, it has been my dream for years to start one myself.

I'm 17 years old, I'm still in high school and I'm looking for an employment opportunity this summer. I believe I would excel in this field as it is my passion. In other words, I believe I could really help you out all while gaining personal experience this summer. This is what I am after, learning the business by working in it.

I really hope you get back to me soon as I would love an opportunity to do anything for you. Show me how you do things, and I'll deliver. Get back to me, and I would love to get in contact, send you my resume, and even perhaps have a coffee with you.

If you are not looking to higher, I would love to make a contact in this field and even maybe, have a mentor.

It's all upto you, and I wish you to make the best decision.
I expect to hear from you soon.

Charles - (Ottawa Foods Guys).