Sundried tomatoes in bulk? [General]

Oct 7
Has anyone seen any locally? I'm looking for the dried ones, not the oil-packed, and I'm having a devil of a time finding any without turning to Amazon (which I hate supporting and don't trust for food).

Wholesale Club has some, but they have glucose and taste odd.
Costco has some on their website, but they're not available to ship in our part of the world.
Bulk Barn no longer carries them.
Loblaws and Metro both have regular sized packages.

I'm looking to purchase a pound or two at a time. Any leads?

Oct 7
I'd reach out to the nicastro's in Ottawa. They may have them.

Oct 8
Shoulda come by our place around 3 weeks ago, we were in full production. You can likely still buy some field tomatoes from farmers markets, and do your own.
Your house will smell fabulous.

Oct 8
I can confirm that La Bottega has them - I was there this afternoon and they had lots. They're in the back of the store near the cheese.

Oct 8
Thanks all! I'll give Nicastro's and La Bottega a call tomorrow. If they don't have any, I might have to give up and just order the Amazon ones.

As for making my own, I can safely say that I do not trust my oven to do consistent low-and-slow temperatures. Or any temperatures, really.

Oct 9
collision if you are still looking for sundried tomatoes not soaked in oil they have small containers of them at metro in the Glebe. They are at the deli counter.