Covered Patios [General]

Aug 19
Hello, wondering what are covered patios in town? While it is great that patios are open for sit down eating, the forecast is calling for rain over the next two days.

Aug 20
RiceLover If you ever come downtown I know Fauna has a tent set up on Frank just off Bank with physically distanced tables and chairs underneath. Thali on O'Connor and Laurier have tables and chairs set up outside but under an awning. Those are the only places downtown I can think of but if I can think of any other covered patios in the neighbourhood I will let you know.

Aug 20
Fairouz has a covered patio, part of Brown's Social house on Elgin as well.

Aug 20
Cheshire Cat has at least some parts of the patio covered. Reservations required during the evening.

Aug 21
Gezilig has a tent set up behind the restaurant. Mati on Preston and I think Giovanni's also have a covered patio.

Sep 11
A friend told me Das Lokal has a covered patio.