Best General Tao Chicken in Ottawa [General]

Jan 8
Hi all,

Confession to make, I love general tao's chicken. I know it isn't authentic. I know it's extremely unhealthy. I find that it's like pad thai- when it's good it's incredible and when it's bad it's practically inedible (looking at you, Farm Boy). I was wondering what everyone's place to order it is.

Jan 8
Cafe Saffron on Kent Street has a good one. Not sure if they deliver.

Jan 8
General T's chicken is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me so I'm watching this discussion! Like pad thai, it is often far too sweet. GT's sweetness should be offset by significant spicy, sour, and salty flavours.

It's easy to point at the worst GTCs: as TheNatureMan mentioned, Farm Boy's GTC is pretty rock bottom (although I kind of like their vegan GT's). Shanghai 360's GTC is so sweet I can't differentiate it from their sweet & sour chicken (although my son loves it). Even Hong Kong Express, my favourite quick lunch combo place, doesn't have a balanced GTC -- better to choose the delicious spicy chicken there!

I used to enjoy it at Yangtze but found it kind of bland in recent years. I had a decent one recently at Royal Treasure -- crispy batter, nice sourness, but still too much sugar and not enough spice.

The best I ever had was at Jadeland quite a few years ago. I really need to go back there! You can read about that on the food page: General Tso's Chicken

Jan 9
I'm a big fan of Angry Dragonz version of the General's Chicken.

Jan 9
The little tuck shop restaurant at 1600 Carling Ave (former Corel building) but it is one of the daily rotations so it is only made once a week.

Jan 9
Has anyone watched the documentary named The Search for General Tso? It traces the origins of General Tso chicken.

It is a guilty pleasure... but when it is badly made, it feels like wasted calories. Otherwise, so tasty! Cafe saffron, Sen Kitchen at Queen St Fare (least spicy) and Yang Sheng (most spicy) are my favourite.

Pictured is the Sen Kitchen one I recently tried. Nice presentation too.

Jan 10
"I'm a big fan of Angry Dragonz version of the General's Chicken."

Seconded, tho Sen's is close.

Jan 13
Thanks everyone, will report back. Have to try Angry Dragonz and Sen's version. I have seen the movie and found it very fascinating learning the history of Chinese food in North America. I wasn't fully aware of the hardships and racism Chinese immigrants faced when they arrived that led many to opening restaurants and laundromats which weren't career paths that men pursued back in those days. They noticed that many north american's had a sweeter palate and some of the north american chinese food dishes were inspired by the love for McDonald's chicken nuggets and the sweet sauce they are accompanied by.

Jan 13
You might also enjoy Jennifer 8. Lee's TED talk

Jan 15
General Tao is Thursday this week at 1600 Carling. They open at 11:30 and it is usually all gone between 12:30 and 1:00. Cost is $10.50

Jan 15
Zym - would you drive across the city for this? Is it THAT good?

Jan 20
Thursday again this week at 1600 Carling.

This is the only General Tao I have ever had so no idea how good it is. And I doubt I would go across the city for any dish at any restaurant but that may just be me.

I'd be curious if someone comes to try it, to hear what they think.

Jan 21
Hahaha... Zym, you just perfectly mocked all "Best X in Ottawa" claims with your sample size of one. 😄

Jan 21
I recall an old Mad Magazine cartoon that showed a street with a few businesses on it and as your eye went down the street you saw "Best Pizza in the World" then a few shops later "Best Pizza in the Country" and then "Best Pizza in the City" and finally "Best Pizza on the Block"


Everyone in the building raves over the Asian food they serve there. They have a fantastic Bibimbap as well, and Korean BBQ too.

Jan 28
Thursday this week at 1600 Carling

Jan 29
Zero chance i will make the trip all the way there for that.

...yet... tempted.

Feb 11
I like the General Tao's from Cathay takeout on Woodroffe. There's nothing fancy about Cathay but they do a good job of the Canadian-Chinese standards.