Aji Amarillo chilli paste [Cooking]

May 3
Hi All, I'm looking for a Peruvian yellow chilli paste. I'm making Aji de Gallina and would like to stick as close to possible to the original recipe.

Is there a place in Ottawa that sells Peruvian stock?


May 3
I've seen Peruvian products, and possibly this, at Tiendita on Merivale. Might want to call ahead tho'.

May 3
I'll be in China town tonight I will check Little Latin America video and groceries for you... (and me because this sounds delicious.)

May 3
Thanks, fingers crossed! I'll call Tiendita.

May 3
Yes, La Tiendita does carry the paste. They sent me this picture.

May 4

May 15
Oh, good to know! I've been *loving* this Humble House habanero/aji amarillo hot sauce from Chilly Chiles, but it's awesome to know that the real deal is available too!