Bonito flakes for miso [General]

Feb 9
Hi guys! I wanted to make miso soup for the first time and I know steeping bonito flakes in hot water can be a substitute of sorts for dashi broth. I go to the Loblaws on Rideau all the time and Iíve seen that they have two kids of miso paste (one refrigerated and one maybe as a side note someone can explain that difference to me). Anyway, thatís good for my miso-making plans, but I also need these bonito flakes and I did not see them in the international aisle where I found the non-refrigerated version of miso. Would Green Fresh on Vanier have that or do I have to go further (pedestrian here)? Thanks in advance!

Feb 10
I have eaten the refrigerated and the non-refrigerated white miso and I have not found a difference. After they are opened, I usually refrigerate them. I like the small one in the plastic rectangular container that they typically sell at Loblaws just because it is easier to open.

I don't know if Green Fresh will have bonito but if it's Asian, then they will probably have them.

Feb 11

Feb 11
Get some kombu while you're at it and you can make actual dashi, it's just the two ingredients plus water.

Feb 12
I'm almost certain Greens Fresh would have bonito flakes. If you are ever in Chinatown Kowloon Market has them.

Feb 12
Seen then at Pelican (but would call ahead).

Think i saw them at T&T a week or so ago.