Diastatic malt powder [Cooking]

Nov 26
Anybody have any leads on where to buy this stuff?

Nov 26
I buy the 1.5 lb Hoosier Farms jar on Amazon.ca for $15. I used to get it at Rainbow Foods but last time I asked they had stopped carrying it because of low demand.

It's the secret ingredient that makes my 60% (home ground) whole grain bread so addictively crusty!

Nov 26
You can also get it from King Arthur Flour. How much do you need?

Nov 26
Thanks for the info, we’re getting into making our own bread, and have heard that this is a ‘magic’ ingredient that some bakers use to get a better rise etc etc. we have no idea how much we would use to make a batch, 2 loaves at a time. So there’s also that. It seems to come in packages about like what Warby uses. We were wondering if anyone around here has it without going the online route.

Nov 27
My container is 4 ounces. You use 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per 3 cups of flour. And sorry, I have not seen it anywhere. Maybe a local bakery would sell you some?

Dec 14
I ordered this from Amazon a couple of weeks ago and arrived within a week. Making my first French loaf today.

Jan 9
We sell it at Defalcos, the local homebrew shop. $12 and change for a 1kg bag

Jan 16
Is the stuff at Defalco's diastatic? i.e. still have active enzymes?

Jan 17
I was there, and asked them, they said what they had was not diastatic malt.

Jan 17
They do probably sell the enzymes separately though - so probably combine the two and would not make a difference.