Stongest dijon available in Ottawa? [General]

2018 Jul 29
So this is for a family member who has had a struggle finding a strong/hot (not spicy) dijon in Ottawa. I'm talking hot like run through your nose hot. Apparently a there's a French brand that we don't get in any conventional grocery stores that she bought Internationally. We've tried most specialty stores including Nicastro where we got a German mustard labelled "hot mustard" that was not hot at all and another French store that makes their own and promised it was strong but was a bust. We plan on trying Eastern European/Russian grocers, but I recall looking at Weidel in the past.

I know it's vague (as she can't remember the name of the brand), but any general direction to look? I'm just tired of opening a big jar of mustard and being disappointed, we have a bunch sitting in the fridge and I can't think of what to do with them other than slather them on sausages.

P.S thanks for the baguette suggestions, the "baguette tour of 2018" is currently on hold as I have three bags of baguette I'm going through in the freezer, but it will continue after I devour them.

2018 Aug 5
The IGA in the Plateau also has the same selection of French mustards.

2018 Aug 18
I was at the European Deli on Merivale (at Meadowlands) and they have a decent selection of mustard including some that were marked Extra Hot. The ones I noticed were more German ones, rather than French, but they might fill the hotness requirement.