The Momo Spot Pops up again! [Events]

2018 Mar 20
Last time was a hit! If you missed it, this is your chance to try it for the first time OR to get another dose of these tasty lil pockets of goodness! Going to have a pop-up special as well - a grapefruit salad. Its not like any salad you've ever had before I promise! Hope to see some of you there!

Saturday 24th March
Good Eats
Doors open: 5PM -10PM

Event info:

2018 Mar 20
Last time sure was a hit-- we walked down to find a line that was two blocks long and not apparently moving :P

Didn't stick around, but still want to try these. Maybe if I can get there right for 5pm..

2018 Mar 21
Dear MoMo Spot - ok, ok, i believe.
Please start normal delivery or open a store front now please pretty please thanks?