Tourtiere? Sausage rolls? [General]

2017 Dec 19
Expecting family from out of country for Christmas - one is very curious about tourtiere - what is the latest intelligence on buying pre-made tourtiere? I have always liked the ones from Art-is-In but recall a particularly delicious one made with game meats - wild boar, venison, elk - in QC. Any chance I could find something a bit more exotic? And the crust - this is important, a light, flaky crust please.

Also looking to buy sausage rolls by the dozen - I know the bakery in Wakefield makes fantastic ones but I was hoping to find somewhere closer to the city. Any ideas are appreciated - again, a great crust is essential!

2017 Dec 19
Red Apron - used to make one with bison in it. I don't see it on their website, only the traditional beef/pork one. But you could give them a call

Petit Bill's makes them as a fundraiser for Toy Mountain, Give them a call and see if they have any left. Last day for pickup is tomorrow. They are the traditional filling and very good. They are the closest to my grandmothers recipe.

Piggy Market also has tourtiere and other types of pot pies. They usually have them in the freezer.

Another place to call might be Meat Press. I don't know if they have tourtiere but it seems like it would be something they might.

Sausage rolls - The ones from the Nutty Greek Bakery are really good. They use a greek sausage that has a bit of orange in it. Pastry is buttery and flaky.

2017 Dec 19
Depends on where you are in the city, I had seen game meat tourtiere at Cuisine et Passion on St. Joseph if you are in the East End.

2017 Dec 19
C.A. Paradis on Bank st often has Frozen tourtière around this time of year. Bearbrook farms may have some gamey versions. This is just a guess, perhaps seed to sausage!?

2017 Dec 20
Saslove's does excellent tourtiere, but i can't recall whether they do a game meat version. Call/ask.

2017 Dec 20
Has anyone tried the tourtiere they sell at Costco? I'm curious if it's any good.

2017 Dec 21
"Has anyone tried the tourtiere they sell at Costco? I'm curious if it's any good."

I was about to ask the same thing.

2017 Dec 21
Good yes.
Great, not quite. but definitely good, and by that i don't mean 'good enough', but rather 'enjoyable, will eat again'.

2017 Dec 22
Thanks for the recommendation, OSoloMeal!

2017 Dec 23
Trillium Meadows tweeted that today is the last day to pick up wild boar and venison meat, sausages, meatpies and charcuterie items @ Ottawa Farmers Market.