Clever coffee dripper in Ottawa ? [General]

2017 Dec 14
Has anyone seen one in Ottawa this year? I haven't found one to pick up yet but want one for a gift. I've been using mine a lot in the past 5 years (with the French press, moka pot and aeropress all playing second fiddle) and my daughter has grown to like it while living with us temporarily but is moving back out next week I expect. I got mine at Bridgehead but they don't seem to carry them anymore.

2017 Dec 14
You could try here.

Just sayin' ...


2017 Dec 15
Tried the Clever Coffee Dripper and when the 'hold function' was used I got a bitter over extraction. I thought the idea of this technique was to pass hot water over the grinds without pause.

I prefer my (#02) Hario V60 pour-overs, both the ceramic and plastic versions.


To see what others say about the comparison between Clever Coffee Dripper VS Hario V60 see:

2017 Dec 15
Rizak, I don't see a Clever on your site but nice try on selling me a coffee dripper stand! 👍
Captain, having used the Clever as often as I have I can say it can make a really good cup of coffee very easily. Very easily is likely key for my daughter in the morning and she has learned some of what it takes to make a good cup of coffee - she will learn more after getting a Clever, and her own grinder, and maybe buying her own beans.
For you or anyone else interested: a comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of 3 popular hand pours, the V60, Kalita and the Clever, by one of the most knowledgeable coffee industry specialists, see - also there is also, at the end, his opinion on Chemex.
Still searching, none at caparadis or moralas...or equator...or happy goat...

2017 Dec 16
Great article, Andy. Thanks.

I can understand the need for simplicity.

The Chemex never interested me. Looks to hoitty-toitty hipster-ish.

2017 Dec 16
You're welcome Captain. The guy is a great writer, and sometimes I understand what he says.
He says what he thinks about the Chemex and I'm sure a lot of users would disagree with him.