Looking for restaurant recommendations near Carlingwood [General]

2017 Dec 8
I am heading off to a doctors appointment next Monday in a medical building a block or two west of Carlingwood. I am looking for somewhere for a quick bite to eat while I am in the area. I haven't been that far west in awhile and the only place I can think of in the area is Kettleman's. As much as I am tempted to go to Golden Palace for egg rolls I will not have time this time... Does anyone know if there is anywhere in the area where I can get a quick bite to eat? I think I recall seeing a deli or two the last time I was in the area. But anywhere quick is good - I am not a fussy eater;)

2017 Dec 8

On a more serious note, I suggest checking out Aladdin Bakery as long as the nearby schools aren't on lunch as the lineup will be long (I like the meat and cheese pies or cheese with veggie) or Pita Bell for a kabob wrap.

2017 Dec 10
There is also Pookie's Thai and Rice Pea in the little strip mall at 2280 Carling Ave (south side, just west of Carlingwood) as well as the Stolchni (sp?) deli. Pookie's facebook page says it was closed on Mondays until Dec 4, so you may be in luck.

2017 Dec 12
TheNatureMan Thanks for the recommendations. Due to timing purposes I had to tie in an early lunch to make it to an early afternoon doctors appointment. I took your recommendation and got off the bus in the Pita Bell/Aladdin Bakery area for an 11:30 lunch. Sadly Pita Bell doesn't open for lunch until 12:00 pm so I headed across the street for a delicious meat and cheese pie. The leftover lentil soup I am eating right now doesn't compare :(

Gardener Mom Thanks for the recommendations. I live downtown and usually go as far west to Carlingwood then home again. I didn't realize until I arrived at the doctors office Rice Pea/Pookies/Stolichni are across the street. I made note to self and will tie in visits the next time I am in the neighbourhood.

2017 Dec 15
Glad to hear you enjoyed it! I've eaten at a few different middle eastern bakeries (Farhats, Al-Noor, Lili Pies) and Aladdin is my favourite. I just wish it wasn't cash only.

2017 Dec 26
Thanks for the recommendations! I'll be taking note of these as well.