Hintonburg Food Crawl @ Bar Laurel and Carben [General]

2016 Aug 12
Hi Everyone

Final details for our Hintonburg Food Crawl

When: Wednesday, August 24th

Where: Bar Laurel @ 6:00pm
Carben @ 7:45pm


Space Available: 12 people (we may be able to push it to 14 but it will depend upon space being available at the restaurant)

Interested Parties:

* Foodtravel * Confirmed
* Pastalover
* Lovetoeat (+1) * Confirmed
* LF
* iFish (+1?)
* Strawberry Girl +1

We are at nine people now, please let us know if you are interested or if something has changed and you are no longer able to make it. We need to provide numbers to the restaurants as soon as we can.

With Elmdale Tavern having live music on Wednesdays, we decided to go with the two restaurants and leave it open for an optional third if we want to continue the evening. There are several places with in a 2-3 block area. Elmdale, Tennessy Willems, Hintonburg Public House, 10 Fourteen, Cafe My House, Ola Cocina, Ministry of Coffee (they do cocktails and small bites in the evenings) and Tooth and Nail Brewery. Also Bar Laurel is open until 2 am if anyone wanted to return there.

If you have any questions, please let us know

See you there!

2016 Aug 30
Thanks again to the organizers for setting this up. This was my first visit to Bar Laurel. I'm looking forward to going back and trying more dishes.

I only took a few pictures. Top left is the wood ear mushroom dish from Carben. Top right is the patatas bravas from Bar Laurel, and bottom is the burrata with tomatoes from Bar Laurel.

2016 Sep 3
Both Bar Laurel and Carben had been great... I did end up going to Ministry of Coffee and had a pretty tasty tuna small plate but music level was pretty high.