looking for flat "stacker" marshmallows [General]

2014 Nov 21
I heard that Kraft makes flat marshmallows. I believe they are called "stacker mallows". Does anyone know of a place that sells them in Ottawa? It does not necessarily have to be Kraft brand.

Thanks in advance.

2014 Nov 21
Can't say I've seen then them, but I haven't been on the look out.

Could you just melt regular marshmallows on a non-stick surface to become flat?

2014 Nov 21
or just smush em

2014 Nov 21
or just make s'mores the old fashioned way, where the hot marshmallow melts the chocolate a bit.

2014 Nov 21
Maybe it's not for s'mores, Captain Caper, but some other recipe.

I've never seen those stacker mallows before, but I've never looked either. Seems to me something that you might find in the states.

2014 Nov 22
Ah yes. I see now. The Jet-Puffed Stackermallows package says "s'mores in seconds".

How could I miss an 'off label' use for this new highly innovative product.

2014 Nov 23
Hi, this is why I was looking for them- it's to create a nice treat to top off a mug of hot chocolate.

2014 Nov 24
If you can't find them, marshmallows are not that difficult to make (well as long as you have a candy thermometer.) They are probably more trouble than they're worth for your everyday marshmallow use, but for something like your project they might be worth it.


You could use a piping bag to draw out the letters