Amateur Food Porn (continued) [General]

2014 Aug 27
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Trying to eat more veggies and fish, so made pan fried trout in a little olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper. Spinach Salad with radishes, cucumber, mushrooms light feta cheese and pepitas.

2014 Sep 2
Peach crumble with vanilla ice cream

2015 Feb 23
True Texas Chili from that is mouthwateringly delectable! I used my own dried chilies, a mix of Abedul, Huizache and Crimson Hot, and the chili paste and sauce was remarkably good, deep-flavoured and delicious. Will make again, will likely cook longer and maybe finish it in the oven. Even dw liked it, saying it was good but a little hot, but the heat was not a lipsmacking hot which she doesn't like much, but more like a whole body experience, a slow-building burn til you realize you're sweating...oh maybe that last part had something to do with the wood fire too!
This was a tomato-free, bean-free, intensely-flavoured chili in last week's food section brought to us by Laura Robin; my thanks to her!