Amateur Food Porn (continued) [General]

2014 Aug 27
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Trying to eat more veggies and fish, so made pan fried trout in a little olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper. Spinach Salad with radishes, cucumber, mushrooms light feta cheese and pepitas.

2014 Sep 2
Peach crumble with vanilla ice cream

2014 Sep 20
Market tomato soup with red onions and freshly made pesto. A little parmesan, a dollop of yogourt and some freshly ground pepper. So good. Oh, the rye/walnut bread was Bridgehead. Also good.

2014 Sep 22
Cottage off the grid, made a little dinner spread for my friend who came all the way from California.

2014 Sep 22
EM looks like the kind of dinner I like more often these days, a little of this, a little of that, all good.
I have some lemon cranberry pistachio biscotti, prepped for second baking. Note the missing nub, sacrificed to the quality control inspector.

2014 Sep 23
Andy if you bring some biscotti I'll make the tea and share my spread!

2014 Sep 23

2014 Nov 30
I've been on a Chinese food kick lately. This is a bowl of Qishan Saozi Noodles. I will have to try Rice Pea's version someday to compare.

2014 Dec 1
Lo mai gai with choy sum. Most of the ingredients were bought from Kowloon Market.

2014 Dec 6
Lo mai gai steamed in lotus leaf with gai lan. The dried lotus leaves can look pretty gnarly, but can be easily trimmed with scissors into a nicer appearance after soaking them.

2014 Dec 15
Breakfast-For-Dinner Burger:
Two Sausage Patties, hashbrown, tomatoes, pancetta, baked beans, cheese, and a fried egg.

2014 Dec 15
Shit. I meant to take a picture of the Pig Candy for this thread. Chocolate covered bacon with a ribbon of Calebeault chocolate on one edge and a sprinkling of smoked salt to finish.

Oh, well. Not quite a thousand words, but I'm sure I've conjured up a decent picture in your mind.

2014 Dec 15
Hubs made these smoked salmon eggs benedictine for brunch on the week-end. He found a recipe online and made it to surprise me. There was a lot of butter but it was good (of course). The eggs and salmon are served on Bagelshop bagels and with some leftover mashed potatoes.

2014 Dec 26
Here is a quick shot of our Christmas tortiere just before tucking in. Some lovely medieval-style fruit and spice cookies on the plate in the back.

2015 Jan 1
Made some Mozzarella on New Years Eve with milk from our Jersey cows, which is why it looks kinda yellow.

Which then led to making...

2015 Jan 1
Burrata! I'd not ever made this before, and it dovetails well with making mozzarella.

It's pretty darn rich, so I ate one, then chopped up the rest, added some homemade cream cheese, spinach, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, then stuffed it into phyllo brushed with bacon fat.

No pictures of the phyllo unless I make more, we ate them all last night, lol!

2015 Jan 17
Chorizo Tacos, before a squeeze of lime and a dollop of sour cream with garlic, lime and cilantro. Made for a great dinner, washed down with some Garrison Imperial IPA. Nice! All good!

2015 Feb 4
Who says it's too cold and snowy to BBQ (gas grill with hickory wood chips).

Approx 1/2 lb of local Halal beef, ground to order from Al-Kalaa Mini Market.
The Captain's own Spicy Mayo (Hellmann's + diced chipotle peppers in adobo sauce + sambal oelek.)
Toasted ciabatta triangle from Ace Bakery.
Iceberg lettuce fresh tomato.

2015 Feb 6
Captain, all you needed to add to make that burger totally funky and funtastic was some of this:

2015 Feb 17
Chocolate cake pops dipped in chocolate with sprinkles and chocolate drizzle.

2015 Feb 23
True Texas Chili from that is mouthwateringly delectable! I used my own dried chilies, a mix of Abedul, Huizache and Crimson Hot, and the chili paste and sauce was remarkably good, deep-flavoured and delicious. Will make again, will likely cook longer and maybe finish it in the oven. Even dw liked it, saying it was good but a little hot, but the heat was not a lipsmacking hot which she doesn't like much, but more like a whole body experience, a slow-building burn til you realize you're sweating...oh maybe that last part had something to do with the wood fire too!
This was a tomato-free, bean-free, intensely-flavoured chili in last week's food section brought to us by Laura Robin; my thanks to her!