Korean BBQ in Chinatown? [Food/Vendor]

2007 Oct 23
I heard a rumor on a Red Flag Deals forum (www.redflagdeals.com) that there will be a Korean BBQ restaurant opening in Chinatown, in the location of the former Great Wall Restaurant.

Has anyone been through there recently and can provide a status report?

2007 Oct 23
I'd also like to know about this new Korean BBQ - but what's your username on RFD?! Mine's 'monty613' and I post frequently in the Food/Personal Finance/Careers sections...small world!

2007 Oct 23
Another RFD'er here, user ID # 324! (around since the verrrrrrrry beginning) :P

Anyway, here is the text of the post that was mentioned:

"Hello folks

I talked to the Arum owner over the weekend and she told me that she will open a Korean BBQ restaurant in Chinatown (where the Great Wall of China used to be, right besides Yangtze)

Opening time is slated to be October and it will be table-grilled style, similar to the Kwon's chicken house in Sandy Hill i believe

Looking forward to it, I really enjoy the table grill Korean BBQ, not only because my wife is Korean LOL but also because of the nature of the food, you cook it on your own and socialize/talk with your companions over some hot and boiling food, can't beat that, esp. in winter times when the snow is falling outside!"

I hope this comes to fruition, as I loooooooooooooooove Korean food. Bring on the bulgogi and bibimbap!

2007 Oct 23
As of today, (October23), it is still not open. The paper is still on the windows but they have a sign. The name of the restaurant is Bulgogi.

2007 Oct 24
The name is actually Bulgogi Gardens.
They have the paper on the windows but have added vinyl letters on the glass window.
Still not open for business.

2007 Oct 28
It is now open for business. Bulgogi Garden

Thanks for letting us know about it! :-)

2007 Oct 28
Oh, I don't have a RFD username. I'm just a lurker...

I'm definitely going to go and give it a try, particularly the bulgogi table. Sounds like they still have some refinements to make, but that won't deter me from going.

Do they do all-you-can-eat bbq?

2007 Oct 29
As a side note.

Korea Garden (Vendor 463) is the long standing korean Restaurant and Korean BBQ place (AYCE on Saturday lunch) on Rideau is only going to be open until mid-November.
After re-opening after a fire during the summer, we found out last weekend that new owners will be taking over. When asked: "Are they changing the restaurant?" Reply was: "We don't know."

Sigh. Hopefully Bulgogi Garden can serve as a good substitute if new owners change up one of my fav. places.