perth poutine/burger help [General]

2013 Oct 30
Driving out past Perth on the weekend. Need to get some food along the way, any recommendations for poutine or burger besides the chains on the highway? I'm sure they must have a chip truck somewhere ....

2013 Oct 30
Not sure if it is still open, or closed for winter, but Pat's Country Burgers & Fries. It is on the back road to Perth.

First, you go through Richmond, so stop at the Richmond bakery for fresh donuts (75 each), then stay on past Frank town (cute antique shop), then on #10 into Perth you'll see Pat's.

Here is the approx map location:

In Perth, skip the chip wagon, it isn't that good. However, we've had some nice pub meals at O'Reillys on the main street.

2013 Oct 31
I'm doing camp drop off so will be heading down hwy 7. However on the way back I will definitely check out if Pat's is still open. Thanks for the recommendation. And yes Richmond bakery is awesome. - Edit - just checked their facebook page, and the latest they were open (no update in 2013) was 5pm - too early for me. I guess I'll check out the pub.

2013 Oct 31
I've only been twice, but each time was excellent; The Masonry in Perth. It'll be a pricy burger, but if you're looking for organic grass fed....!restaurant/cjg9

The chip truck beside the Beer Store (Mac's parking lot), in Carleton Place is a cheaper alternative.

If looking to try something a little different, head to Texasworthy in CP for their smoked poutine (smoked curds). I'm not a huge fan of this place overall (need to know what to order from their menu), but the poutine was very good the last time I tried it.

2013 Nov 1
Hey guys pats is actually before franktown just outside of prospect. Unfortunately they closed for the season at the end of September. In all honesty their food is just average at best. There is a new BBQ takeout place in Perth right where gore street meets the 43. Had a brisket platter there a couple of months ago and it was pretty decent. There really isn't very much apart from the chain places along the 7 . y .

2013 Nov 1
There is also a BBQ takeout place in Carleton Place right on Highway 7, just past the intersection with Highway 15. I had a very good pulled pork poutine and pulled chicken wrap here a few weeks ago. It is run by the guys from Rideau Meats in Smiths Falls. They also sell burgers, hot dogs etc. The last time I drove by it was closed however, but it was a Friday at around 11 am. Maybe they still open on weekends, but it seems iffy. If you turn left on Highway 15 there is a chip stand called The Crispy Spud just a few hundred yards down. I have had good poutine there as well. Again though, hard to say whether they are still open.
The Gourmet restaurant on Hwy 7 in CP has good simple food, huge portions. Their pizza is delicious (if you like "Lebanottawa style") and their garlic dip is incredible.

2013 Nov 1
thanks for all the suggestions. I shall report back on where I end up at. BBQ place in Perth closed for the season - its called Wildfire BBQ and Smokehouse.

2013 Nov 1
The Carleton Place BBQ on the highway is Valley BBQ (across from DQ). It has a few good items on the menu. Don't expect a true bbq menu though. It has a bbq section and a tex-mex section. It's rarely busy, so you'll have no problems getting a seat. They have half price apps in the evenings, I believe.

2013 Nov 1
Crispy Spud, and the pulled pork place are both now closed for the season.

2013 Nov 1
The CP BBQ place I mentioned (and the one Cheddar Stop mentions) isn't Valley BBQ - never been there - but an outdoor stand on the far side of Hwy 15, between that intersection and the railway bridge.

2013 Nov 1
Ohhh yes, sorry, I've never been there...

2013 Nov 4
OK to followup, pulled pork stand is called "Pulled Pork Factory" and it was closed for the season. I ended up stopping in Perth at a little diner called Penny's Place. It was full on Sunday noon - most people looked like they were getting breakfast. Son was asking for grease so we ordered poutine and onion rings to share on the ride home. These were a disappointment - frozen o-rings and fries.I would stop here however to try a breakfast or a main sometime.

There looks to be a brew pub in Perth now as well. I didn't have time to stop in there as well, but I may stop in to check it out on another run. Its on the 7, on the Western end of the strip.

2013 Nov 4
Sourdough - I think that is a brew your beer there place and not a brew pub.

2013 Nov 4
Yes, that is a can-your-own beer place or you can also buy it from the cooler.

Certainly cheap if you want to can your own. Not cheap out of the cooler. I've tried the stout(mocha stout, I think), red ale and one other. Nothing I'd go out of my way for, but certainly worth a try. I find they have a thin taste and are micro carbonated, if that makes sense.

2013 Nov 4
thanks for the clarification, didn't stop in there so now I know!

2013 Nov 5
Emu burger at Fiddleheads in Perth.

2013 Nov 6
I second the emu burger!

2014 Jul 16
This past weekend we were in Perth, tried The Hungry 7...what a gem. Looks like a Diners Drive-in and Dives type restaurant. They are a home cooking style restaurant which sold us.

Our group ordered the burgers and club sandwiches. The burger was fantastic, their buns are toasted on the outside (which made it pillowy soft on the inside), the meat was tasty/juicy and good quality bacon. The fries were equally as great. Comes with a side of cold slaw which was pretty good.

The club sandwich look and apparently were fantastic, real chicken (not deli meat) on sour dough bread (not the triple decker type sandwich which is too much bread in my opinion). It was fully loaded.

The menu isn't huge but what they do, they do right. For example, they make their own perogies and scratch made chicken pot pies.

They don't have a website but do have a Facebook page with their menu

Definitely recommend and will be back.

2014 Jul 16
Follow up to my previous post - here is a picture of The Hungry 7 burger in Perth.

2014 Jul 17
In that same vein, anyone tried Wildfire BBQ in Perth recently?

2014 Jul 18
I have been going to wildfire twice a week religiously for the last month. What can I say, tell your friends and spread the word. The complete menu is great , the pulled pork eggrolls and homemade sausages are great for when you're in a rush and want to eat on the road. The only thing I find is the ribs are great if you're there at lunch but seem a bit overcooked later in the day. Try it out I think you will enjoy.

2014 Jul 18
Noted Smoker Guy, thanks for the response.

2014 Jul 21
Follow up to above, @Smoker Guy.... HOLY #%@* that place is awesome.

Great ribs... dry rubbed to perfection, firm, meaty, crispy outside and ready to be slathered with their house made sauces which were awesome.

Excellent pulled pork, the vinegar style but not too vinegary, a bit of heat, good bark, minimal fat. Not for a fan of the saucy kind we get at Ribfeste, but a solid example of how it's 'supposed' to be done.

Great great beef brisket, attains perfection when the sauce is added. Again, the quality of the meat was impressive, had the fat you expect on brisket but minimal, nicely sliced.

Killer seasoned fries, great apples, the hush puppies were the eucharist and the house made maple cream soda the blood of some religious figure. Slaw was nothing special.

And then there's the pulled pork eggroll. I understand now. Happiness IS possible in food form. Massive roll made of perfect eggroll .... whatever you call the outside of an eggroll, filled with their pulled pork and served with their house 'juke' sauce. It's like China invaded Texas and Texas kicked their asses and sent them running but kept all the best parts to serve dinner.

My one negative was the burger... for such great bun and toppings, it tasted frozen bland. We wanted it be thick meaty juicy slab of burgermeat and instead it was thin, not particularly seasoned and just meh. Versus the greatness of everything else we devoured, i hope they correct it with a few more months of business.

Nice setting, all outdoors picnic tables and bar-height barrels, a big station for plastic cutlery and sauces, a handwash station (BRILLIANT) and some good old rock n roll.

Great great place, totally worth the stop in Perth.

2014 Jul 22
Great place - honestly I wish they would take the burger off the menu and focus more on what is great.

You don't have to be everything to everyone!

2014 Jul 23
Agreed, but i accept that having a burger on the menu is needed for the non-bbq peeps who accompany their rib-consuming dining companion there. I just don't get how, given how excellent all the other food was, someone took a bite out of that burger and thought 'yeah, that belongs on the menu next to all the other glory'. And seriously, fresh tasty bun, perfect toppings... all was well with everything but the meh beef itself.

2014 Oct 6
Stopped at The Hungry 7 last Saturday. DH had the chicken ginger soup and the burger platter, I had the squash and carrot soup with perogies. The food was very good, although I did find the skins on the perogies could have been thinner as they were a bit on the doughy side. Tasted good, though. I also thought they had a heavy hand with the pepper. My perogies looked as though cracked pepper had rained on them. So if you stop there, unless you are a big cracked pepper fan, ask them to hold the pepper. I would definitly go back.