Restaurant with awesome cocktails [Booze]

2013 Jun 26

Where should I take a friend from Toronto for cocktails? Am currently considering Brothers Beer Bistro, El Camino, The Urban Pear, and maybe the Chateau Laurier if we want to go more traditional, but more recommendations would be awesome!


2013 Dec 19
Hey Johanna - just received a case of Antica Formula from Danny Ferlisi at Majestic Wine Cellars! Thanks for the suggestion!

2014 Jan 8
Van Winkle! That's exciting! On a related note: Johanna, do you know if George T. Stagg is released at the same time every year? Or is that confidential information given the limited quantities available? I'd settle for Jr. Stagg!

As for the vermouth - no, no party. I'm just a thirsty father that finds solace in the preparation of a good drink at the end of the day (those are 375 mL by the way!)

I've been meaning to give the Albion Rooms a try - maybe the bartender chops have improved by now?