Best Asian/Japanese/Chinese Grocery in Chinatown [General]

2013 Jun 10

I just moved to the Sandy Hill area of Ottawa from the US. I love teas and usually buy loose leaf teas from Chinese groceries. These are often high quality and reasonably priced in the US.

I am within walking distance from Chinatown, Ottawa. Can anyone recommend a good Asian grocer for Chinese/Taiwanese/Japanese teas?

Thanks in advance for your time!

2013 Jun 10
Hi New user 5491 Welcome to Ottawa. I think you will enjoy exploring the shops in town and Chinatown is a neat neighbourhood to explore.

As for teas, Kowloon Market probably has the largest selection in Chinatown but not necessarily the freshest. If you would like to purchase really fresh teas I would recommend World of Teas on Richmond Road in Westboro - much fresher than anything you would find in Chinatown. If you would like more information on the store and an exact address you can visit their website: If you go by car the quickest way to drive there is probably along the parkway. If you rely on public transit the #2 bus will drop you off across the street.

If you are interested in other places in Chinatown to visit I can recommend Wakiu Foods for fresh veggies and bbq'd anything, Manphong Supermarket for Asian herbs, and Lim Bangkok for canned goods, meat, and also Asian herbs. Another place to add to the list is Nasa Food Centre for Indian ingredients.

Happy shopping!

2013 Jun 11
Many thanks - I will check out these stores in the coming weeks and report back! Any further recommendations for ethnic groceries and tea places are most welcome. I don't eat out too much and prefer to cook my own meals. Reasonably priced groceries within walking distance of the Sandy Hill area are valuable to me. I don't drive but can easily walk up to 2 miles one way. :-)