Whatever happened to Joey's Only Seafood? [General]

2012 Apr 23
I used to love their fish and chips, and the all you can eat Tuesdays. I think there were at least 3 or 4 of them.???

2012 Apr 23
Closest locations are Pembroke and Cornwall now.

2012 Apr 23
The one in the Kanata Centrum was replaced by a Digby's, where the fish and chips are pretty much (maybe exactly) the same as Joey's was. And last time I checked they also had AYCE Tuesdays...

2012 Apr 24
Bank st one is still there...called Digby's now.
I walk by every day,but have not tried it yet.

they just had a gift card auction for $100 for $200 worth of food a few weeks ago.
they have been doing that every few months the past 2 years online.
But I do not eat tons of fried fish...so did not buy.

2012 Apr 25
Digby's is equivalent in menu and quality.
Am on the fence re whether that's a good thing. Joey's was ever only ok fast food imnsho and i had hoped Digby's would improve on it. Some people seem to love it tho'.

2012 Apr 25
BUT......does anyone know what actually happened to the franchises? Why did they close up. From what I know it was started by a couple of Asians, and the stores were owned mostly by relatives or other Asians. Seemed like a thriving business model. Anybody have the dope on the corporation?

Sounds like the Mexi's meltdown a couple of years ago.......

2012 Apr 25
Ha, i was just about to ask the same question as Sunken Dory Rob - does anyone know what actually happened?

2012 Apr 25
they are still thriving in other cities.

2012 Apr 26
Miss this place.. awesome fish & chips

2012 Apr 26
Sounds like someone just wanted out of the franchise

2012 Apr 30
The Ottawa area Joey's were all owned by one person; it was a simple case of expanding way too soon without the financial backing. I know he was way in the rears for HST & source deductions....

One owner is the reason there are no more in Ottawa, Joey's is still doing very well across Canada...