Where to eat in Quebec City, QC [General]

2012 Jan 9
Headed out that way in a few weeks for the festival. I'd love to enjoy some good food. Can't say I know what to expect, haven't been there since I was a kid.

So foodies, what does Quebec City have to offer? Any microbreweries and such, or specialty must try foods?

Thanks in advance!

ps. Any sugguestions on what to do would be welcome. We're going for three days, All I've got on my list to-date is the festival, and a tour of the Ice Hotel.

2014 Aug 13
was there in October and went to Chez Victors for burgers. Three locals told us Chez Victors had the best burgers in town. They were pretty damn good.

2014 Sep 1
To follow up, here are a couple of places that we enjoyed. Right downtown we went to the Chic Shack. This is an upscale burger/poutine/milkshake place. The burgers were great. The poutine was made with large potatoe chunks. Very tasty but I prefer more traditional fries. Great place to go with a family

The next spot was Le Bureau de Poste. This was another casual place. No reservations, and a long line up outside. They were able to accommodate 10 of us, and it took about 30 minutes. I waited with my brother, while the rest of the family showed up just before being seated. This is a total hipster place. All menu items are $5. How you server up one of the best burgers I've had (bacon, cheese) with a side of soup for $5 I'll never know. Great beers, slightly more than $5. Really fun spot, very loud, and a stream of skate boarding videos keep you entertained. I want one of these in Ottawa.

The last place I'll mention is Versa Restaurant. We went for an adult only dinner there. The place was pretty empty, however the food was very good. Oysters, homemade headcheese, diver scallop with bone marrow ravioli, fresh wild chanterelles, duck breast with duck confit dumplings ... all yum.

We were somewhat limited with our food choices as we were 10 with kids, ranging in age from 5 to 50. Overall there are lots of great places to eat. Quebec is a great eating spot with lots of choices. Our hotel was close to Rue St. Joseph, so that is primarly where we ate at night.