Locavore Artisan Food Fair [Events]

2011 Dec 9
Saturday Dec 10
10am to 4pm
Memorial Hall
39 Dufferin Road (Adjoining the New Crichton Cultural Community Centre)
Off of Crichton st. (North of Vanier Parkway)

This is a fantastic Fair to meet the local Specialty Food producers in person and buy some great Christmas Gifts. There is a great list of participating companies at www.ottawalaff.ca

Hope to see you there!

2011 Dec 10
Couldn't tweet the website because Twitter has it on a list of sites that have malicious code. Somebody should look into that.

2011 Dec 10
Visited today. Just published a bog post:
New Post: Locavore Artisan Food Fair report. Support your local food makers!

2011 Dec 10
loved Kawalsa's SMOKED salsa. Sweet and smoky with a real kick afterwards. Scratch Kitchen was sampling a really great boeuf bourgignon, and I liked that they deliver entrees frozen. I will be sharing their menus with some elderly folks I know who would love to have frozen meals of this quality. Also bought some macarons and cake pops from Dolci, almond brioche from Art-is-in and two kinds of whoopie pies from Auntie Loos. And Rabbit Onion pate and apricot spread from La Trappe a fromage. The smoked risotto from Salty Don is SO good; I bought some last year and again today. Great Food fair, but I hope that locavore finds a larger location for next year, as it was pretty tough getting near some of the displays today.

2011 Dec 12
I loved Just wing it's Red onion marmalade.
My friend and I got a jar to spilt, but I have a feeling it will be hard for us to share with our other friends!

Also purchased heaven in half a litre - Pascale's Honey Ice Cream.
It is literallly heaven. no joke!