CUBAN FOOD [General]

2011 Dec 8
I dropped into this phenomenal little Cafe on Bank Street in Old Ottawa South and it was by far the best food I have eaten at a restaurant in Ottawa in a long time. It was CUBAN food... also something that is new to Ottawa. The menu had a selection of $5 sandwiches... yes $5!!! and $10 meals ranging from Ropa Vieja, shredded beef to cilantro chicken. Tamales, Cuban wraps and veggie plates too. I was surprised by the authenticity of the meal. It tasted like I went to Cuba, sat in somebody's granny's house and ate a meal that she would make for her family. YUM! I highly recommend this cafe to everyone. Delish! HAVANA CAFE and Catering, 1200 Bank St.

2011 Dec 8
You must REALLY like them to take your profile pic from their catering page. My guess is that you probably drop in a lot, like every day to open the doors.

The picture looks great, you might be surprised at the positive response you'd get from members of this site if you'd just present yourself honestly.

2011 Dec 10
I took it off the page cause I'm not a very good photog and wanted to give you guys a yummy pic. Next time I will take one from my camera phone. I would absolutely love to eat here every day but it's on Bank St south so I only get to to go a few times a month.

2011 Dec 10
I wanted to try HAVANA CAFE after reading reviews about in on here
Havana Cafe
I wanted to go - even though they didn't offer much for vegetarians.

Well, after trying 3 separate times and finding it closed, even though it was during business hours, I gave up. It may be great food, but I can't be bothered to make special trips to Ottawa South when the hours aren't as advertised.

2011 Dec 10
Closed when they are supposed to be open...I had the same experience when I wanted to give them a second chance after a disastrous dining experience I had there soon after it opened. Their relaxed approach to business hours may well be one of the few authentically Cuban qualities about this place, unfortunately.

2011 Dec 15
I thought they were more a catering place and just had food on the weekends?
The menu I used to have for them listed only large family size dishes, mostly.

The staff at Havana seem friendly, service is a bit slow sometimes.
The fried Yucca and the other thing they fry (vegetable forget the name) are good- they gave me some oil w garlic for dipping.

Tried a chicken cuban sandwich and it was good.

Well, if you happen to be in that area and they are not open, you could always go to Cedars grocery and get the chicken brochette- that is always really good (but takes 20+ minutes to cook).
or the grocery store counter with the homemade dips is great too!

I have nothing to do with the grocery store- just shop there almost every week for some things. the grocery store- their hours are always the same, so at least that is predictable. (open 10am-10pm).

I also thought Havana had a fish dish on the menu sometimes, I think I saw someone eating that once when I walked in.

2011 Dec 17
Hahaha, what a shameless plug. Good effort. I may still try to check it out, regardless.