Pepper Garden Bistro [General]

2011 Dec 8
Now I know a lot of you will not have heard of this restaurant, but you need to try it. It is our gem of the East end. The outside of the building is very unassuming and being located next to a Pizza Hut....Well once inside I had the Spinach Linguini, there was artichokes, peppers, chicken, mushrooms and a sundries tomato pesto. It was garnished with Feta cheese, one swirled around in my pasta it made the most beautiful flavour. The other two guest had the lamb burger which I was allowed to take a bite of and it was heavenly. The other had the Duck Confit and They reluctantly gave me a bite; fantastic. There are daily features and a lot of there food and beer come from local vendors. This place is worth a try. I didn't take any photos but there are some great ones on their site.

2011 Dec 9
Hi User 4364,

I'm a fan of the Pepper Garden, too, but I think you would be better writing this review on the Pepper Garden vendor page on this site instead of here in the forum.