Beautiful Clementines [General]

2011 Dec 4
Wow! picked up these gorgeous clementines at Loblaw's merivale yesterday. Beautifully packaged in a wooden basket. Many of the fruits still had leaves and stems attached and it really was beautiful enough to present as a gift. I've only eaten one so far, but it was ripe, juicy and easy to peel.

2011 Dec 6
I guess that is just a holiday thing?
I never see fruits in baskets there.

Where are they from?
I saw something online like that though when I was buying a gift for my parents in Florida- some place that grows oranges and other citrus fruits and a lot had the leaves too. I did not try them, but they look good!

Was there a big price dif w the basket and packaging?

maybe I can get these downtown somewhere, merivale is a hour and a half away for me.

2011 Dec 6
Prettytastyreviews I believe Loblaws on Rideau Street had them last year around this time. (The Loblaws on Isabella is small so finding those clementines there may be hit or miss.) Or perhaps the Byward Fruit Market - that looks like something they would carry. I can't recall how the cost compared with the cases of clementines. (I only buy them once a year and my memory isn't what it used to be-;)

2011 Dec 6
I can't remember the price, but I don't think it was insane. And If you can get them at Loblaws, they'll be way less than Byward Fruit I'm guessing. Last summer Kumato tomatoes in the same packages were three times the price at Byward. I know they probably pay high rent, so perhaps that justifies the differential cost.

2011 Dec 7
The Byward Fruit market is a tad pricey. I didn't think I'd miss the now defunct fruit and veggie store across from the Moulin de Provence but the prices were a wee bit cheaper than Byward Fruit. And handy for those days when I needed to pick up a missing ingredient for dinner...

2011 Dec 10
A little over 4 dollars at Loblaws Alta Vista