Authentic Recipe for Japanese Village Steak Sauce? [General]

2011 Nov 30
Does anyone have the real recipe for this yummy sesame sauce? I have seen several different copycat versions on internet searches and tried making, but wasn't thrilled with results. My family loves this stuff and it would be great to be able to make the real thing at home. Thanks for any info you can provide.

2011 Dec 1
Best I know from someone here is that they use apple in it somehow... but while many have tried, and I have been to many teppanyakis (Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, NJ), none have come close to the yumminess of JV's sauces.

You may have no choice but to order it to go. They do sell it. Just not the recipe. :)

2011 Dec 1
Niall are you sure the apple ingredient was for the steak sauce? I ask because I posted the recipe for the Japanese Village Salad Dressing here and it contains apple:

I'd love a recipe for their sesame sauce too!

2011 Dec 1
Hmm, I may have been mistaken with the salad dressing then. And I didn't know they had shared that secret! Must try it out myself.

I was told by one of the chefs that the ginger veggie and fish sauce is somewhat close to the salad dressing, but the sesame steak sauce is different. I think those two will remain secret.

(Another month before I can afford to return, sigh... it's been a tough four months)