Baby girl/sweet 100 tomatoes [General]

2011 Jul 5

anybody else ever grow sweet baby girl or sweet 100 tomatoes? I have 3 sweet 100 and 1 sweet baby girl plants on my balcony and i am quickly finding out that i am going to have way to many tomatoes. One plant alone will produce at least 100 tomatoes (about cherry size) but i wouldn't be surprised if it was 150-200.

here is a pic... i'll post more as they ripen.

2011 Jul 5
Once and i vowed never again. The plant loved my garden and went wild, I had plants and tomatoes all over the place. They are prolific.

2011 Jul 5
Oh crap, I think I have some of these too! Thankfully you can use a LOT of tomatoes in cooking. Heck, you can make Vietnamese shakes with them!

2011 Jul 5
tourist, once ripe, i would wash, pierce, rub a little oil on them and roast on a cookie sheet. once shrivled & carmelized,i would freeze them in small portions and enjoy all winter long. great on pasta with goat cheese, or on pizza, or anything else with cooked tomatoes. so sweet and wonderful.

at the end of the growing cycle, pick all the green ones left - no matter what size, put in a paper bag and they will ripen on your counter. you have to do it before the first frost though, otherwise they will spoil.

during growing season, it is really hard to eat them all when they ripen at the same time. i mix a simple dressing (olive oil and good balsamic), cut tomatoes in half and toss with the dressing, add fresh basil leaves and lots of fresh monzarella - yum! serve with some good bread to mop up all the juices.

2011 Jul 6
I echo HFF's suggestion re: roasting/freezing, and here is a recipe for spiking them with vodka that I do every year. A bit labor intensive, but worth it when they are so fresh.

2011 Jul 6
This is super easy and will help use up some of those tomatoes. it is from Lidia's Italian Kitchen from the PBS show with Lidia B

Cavetelli with Spinach and Tomatoes

3 cup cherry tomatoes cut in half
1 tsp salt plus salt for the pot
1/4 cup olive oil
4 big garlic cloves
bag of spinach or big bunch of fresh
pepper flakes to taste
1 pound cavetelli
1/2 cup grated parm or pecorino romano
Start heating water with 1 tbsp salt.

In large skillet heat olive oil, sliced garlic and pepper flakes over medium high heat, stirring until the garlic is sizzling and starting to color. Pour in the cut tomatoes, season with a teaspoon of salt. bring to a bubbling simmer. Cook 3-4 min. turn off heat.

Cook pasta. When pasta is almost done throw in the spinach with the pasta. Turn the heat on under the tomatoes. Drain pasta and spinach. Toss in with tomatoes and mix well. serve with parm.