shrimp/chicken Gumbo [General]

2011 Jan 21
Anybody have a good recipe? It looks really good.

2011 Jan 26
Check out happy mouth blog - I'm pretty sure I've seen them do gumbo:

2011 Jan 26
sourdough Indeed they have! Just as you mentioned this I recall them posting a link to their gumbo adventures here: Forum - Gumbo?

2011 Jan 26
FYI, Sassloves sells Andouille sausage. If you need some file powder I have a bunch from a NOLA trip and I am willing to share. I'm in the Byward Market area and am willing to share. Message me privately if you're interested.

2011 Mar 5
uhmm need to find my file powder and other NOLA stuff including beignet mix from cafe du monde.. Have to admit I prefer jambalaya to gumbo but a good gumbo with lots of seafood is great too.

Time for another trip to NOLA I think..