Restaurant help [General]

2010 Oct 28
I'm looking for a good restaurant in Ottawa that will take reservations on a Saturday night for a group of about 15.

We're a pretty loud group and will be celebrating a birthday. I don't want anything too expensive since we'll be drinking a lot however I would like a step up from your basic watering hole since we'll be dressing up a little.

I was aiming for Pub Italia but they don't take reso's on Fridays and Saturdays.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

2010 Oct 28
If you were looking for something pub-like, you may want to try The Clocktower or The Standard.

Can I guarantee that they'll take reservations for a Saturday night? No. But maybe somebody else here knows!

2010 Oct 29
Johnny Farina on Elgin can take reservations for groups of this size. The noise will not be an issue. Must Wine Bar on William St can also handle this size.