Induction cooktops [General]

2010 Oct 10
I want to replace my horrible electric cooktop, which takes at least ten minutes to heat up and ten minutes to cool down again. When I have to switch the element off 10 minutes before I've finished cooking I know I have a problem. It's like steering an ocean liner where you have to turn the wheel 10 miles before you actually want to change course!

Don't tell me to use gas. Gas scares me since I (and my parents) have always cooked with electricity for the last 70 years and you can't teach an old dog new tricks etc. etc...

But as an ex-scientist too I do like the idea of induction stoves. This is the answer to my needs. They respond instantly, they are not hot (only the saucepans), they are three times more energy efficient. What's not to like, except of course for the expense - and the unknown maintenance costs? So you can't use aluminum or glass or ceramics on an induction stove - but who uses those on a stove top anymore anyway? I assume stainless steel or cast iron or copper bottomed are all OK. And you can't use a round-bottom wok unless the element is round-bottomed too. But I have a wok with a small flat bottom so again I am not unduly worried.

But who is selling induction inset counter cooktops in Ottawa? I want to buy one locally and have someone install it. Corbeil lists just one model which I have never heard of, and no photo, suggesting that they are not exactly pushing it.

Yet again we are lagging behind the world, as we have lagged behind Britain for the last half century in demountable ovens where you can take out the sides, top, bottom and back separately and clean them in the sink. My parents had one of those in the UK in the 1950s but you still can't get one in Canada!!

2010 Oct 10
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2010 Oct 10
Thanks zymurgist, but I read that thread before posting and it didn't tell me anything I wanted to know.

2010 Oct 11
Universal Appliances ( ) on Bank Street have (last time I checked) more than one model of induction cooktop. Expect to pay a small fortune ( $3000 - $4000 ? ) They even have at least one hooked up for demonstration, if you want to 'kick the tires'.

Also.. copper bottoms don't work, unless there is magnetic steel/iron very nearby. They will have all the information you need.

2010 Oct 12
A relative put one in - they had to buy all new pans. Even pans claiming steel core needed to be brought home, tested and returned. The pots/pans that do work are very expensive. Be warned before you buy. Once you have the necessary cookware they work pretty well, if you can afford one.

2010 Oct 13
Ikea now offers and induction cooktop. 4 burners for $1200. There 5 year warranty is thru Whirlpool, so I assume that's who manufactures for them.

2010 Oct 14
From what I have read it is important to verify the size of the heating area. Some of the cheaper models have 7 inch diameters which is limiting your pan size. You may want to check eBay, the prices seem pretty reasonable.

I think I'd miss my teflon pans for fish and omlettes.