additives to whipping cream? [General]

2010 Oct 9

I bought some whipping cream recently and was suprised to see additives on the ingredients list (carrageenan, glycerides, cellulose polysorbate 80)

Is this new, or has it always been this way? I'm disappointed to see additives to what I consider a "primitive" ingredient. As far as I can tell butter is just butter for example.



2010 Oct 9
It's been like that for a very long time unless you buy organic.

I wrote to one of the companies about it about 5 years ago but never got a response.

2010 Oct 9
The Piggy Market sells whipping cream from Brum's Dairy - cream, milk period! Far better results than your average grocery store whipping cream.

2010 Oct 9
Why not buy whipping cream in the container and whip it yourself?
or else maybe get those metal things where you buy the gas cartriges and put in your own whip cream.
I think those are called Aero something or other...CA paradis/Chef's paradise sells them.

But then with regular whip cream you can never make the nice designs and shapes..unless you use some additive.
I know Oetker has some powder you add to whip cream to make those designs...but it is not a natural product.
I have never tried the Oetker whip cream additive,but always see it at the store.

Carragenan I do not worry about too much as that is made from seaweed.
I eat candy made from fruits,carragenan and pectin all the time

2010 Oct 9
Prettytastyreviews, I'm pretty sure this conversation IS about "whipping cream in the container." If it were about the aerosol whipped cream, then the terminology would have to be different.

Whipping cream: 35% fat cream in liquid form. (Presumably this is where jape was surprised to find all those additives.)

Whipped cream: the fluffy stuff you put on desserts. What you get when you whip whipping cream.

2010 Oct 9
Sorry, I misread that.
But still Carageenan is made from seaweed as far as I know.

Next time I go to the store I will look at the canned whip creams.

2010 Oct 10
Prettytastyreviews, I had the same thought when I saw the topic title i.e. that this was about the canned cream, until I went to the fridge and looked at my carton of 18% table cream, and sure enough it had all the stuff jape was talking about.

You are also correct to say that Carageenan is derived from seaweed (and apparently its a vegan alternative to gelatin) so while it might not be something to worry about, it certainly isn't what I expect in a carton what I assumed to be pure cream.

Seems like we might need to add a food item to the buzz section for 'real cream' or 'pure cream' to highlight were we can get it. Bit sad really.

2010 Oct 10
Brum's whipping cream is also available from Cochrane's dairy in 500mL containers.

2010 Oct 10
Ratty, thanks for the info.
I do not really buy whipped cream or whipping cream -maybe the 35% one sometimes,but not yet this year.

But I was also surprised that most sour creams, the popular brand ones are full of chemicals?
They are made with gelatin,polysorbate and other things.
I usually buy Hewitt's sour cream at the health food store and I am always seeing flyers advertising Sealtest and other brands and so though...hmm I like to save some money..and so decided to look at the labels of the sour creams on sale.

And turns out they are all more like "modified dairy product".
Guess I will stick to the Hewitt's sour cream as it has just 2 ingredients as is all natural.

2010 Oct 13
Harmony Dairy is my go-to whipping cream. It's just cream -- amazing! ;)

2010 Oct 23
Fortunately for me my local metro and loblaws carry Organic Meadow cream, which at least claims to only contain "cream".

2010 Oct 24
Yes, I like Organic Meadow too -- Harmony is my favorite, though, as I can buy it in glass bottles and avoid the "carton" flavour that the Organic Meadow one seems to get. But that's the whipped cream purist in me, I think. ;)