Entertainment Book 2010 [General]

2010 Jul 17
I just saw a promo for the Entertainment Book 2010. It is now on for $5 a book but you must buy 2 books. Shipping is only $1 a book. So it looks like if you use it once when going out you have paid for it. The second book makes for a nice gift for a foodie friend in your life that you know enjoys going out.

Under Fine Dining, participating restaurants include such choice places as:
Restaurant 18
Urban Pear
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro

2010 Jul 17
We bought one this year for the first time in many years. Have only used it twice so far but we've probably made our money back at this point. Went to La Favorita and the Swan in Carp with our book - both excellent (should write up a review but I'm always horrible at getting around to that). Practically a no brainer at $5 a book.