Where to buy black bread in Ottawa? [General]

2010 Jul 1
Not sure how to describe, but I'm sure some of you will recognize.

You know that black bread you find in northern Europe, i.e. Holland, Sweden, I would imagine Germany as well... it may be sourdough based, but I'm not sure. It's dense, moist, black, and has whole grains in it that have softened with the baking.

Well, does anyone know where to find that type of bread in Ottawa? I've seen similar breads at Loblaws, but they're large round loaves, sold in halves I think, and they're sliced way too thinly, turning that beautiful moist bread into thin dry cardboard. I'm looking for whole loaves, unsliced, and fresh baked (in all their fresh moist glory).

Any tips appreciated.


2010 Jul 1
I have seen these types of bread at Metro on Beechwood by the deli counter.

2010 Jul 2
Is it pumpernickle bread you are looking for? You should be able to find it whole at a grocery store bakery, try another store.

2010 Jul 2
In the Market try The Continental Delicatessen and The Sausage Kitchen. They had a few different kinds.

2010 Jul 2
Dark rye would be the closest...Dimpflmeier makes a Black Forest Rye and Pumpernikel Dark Rye but these may be the sliced loaves you described...though I don't find them cardboardish at all - more perfectly substantial (and great toasted).

I'd give Dimpflmeier another look - there are some whole/unsliced loaves and their bread's ingredient lists are beautifully minimalist.
I also second checking a European deli like Continental Delicatessen in the market.

If you're into making it yourself, here's a recipe from a very reliable source:

2010 Jul 2
Can't remember for certain, but i think Rideau Bakery's loaves come in both sliced and whole-loaf versions. Available at some Loblaw stores, Produce Depot, etc.