Bradley Smoker Bubba Pucks [General]

2010 Jun 26
Since there seems to be a small contigent of owners here, does anyone have / have interest in bubba pucks? FYI these are metal dummy pucks used to finish your smoke cycle without possibly ruining perfectly good wood pucks.

It seems 3 is the ideal number and online they are running 19-25 for a set before taxes, shipping, and duty. I have a friend with a machine shop and I am sure I can do it cheaper and get them sooner. But I need to see a sample just to make sure I get the dimensions perfect (and see if there are details to be copied, like chamfered edges, etc).

If anyone else is interested, I am sure I will need to get bar stock which will probably yield a whole ton of pucks.

I'll probably only go through the hassle if I can get the price into the sub $5 a puck range.

Also on topic... I still cannot find an ET-73 in stock (with reasonable shipping). If you know of a source, I am all ears.

2010 Jun 29
I'm in if you can do them for that price point. FYI, I usually just loose out on one puck or half a puck. I clean the others out of the slider and reuse them next time. The puck not on the element but next to it usually is waste (half smoked.)

2010 Jun 30
I would be in for that too.

2010 Jun 30
hungry hungry hippo - someone with a CNC made me 3 of them. i am back home tomorrow and will try and get some pics up here.

re: dimensions just give your friend a bisquette/puck to copy. i thought mine were going to be too heavy, but they work perfectly. no problems as of yet.

2010 Jun 30
After some hunting I found the dimensions to be 2" x 9/16". I can get both rod and tube stock in T6061 aluminium in the 2" diameter. The raw stock seems to be under $5 / inch, so I think it will be quite possible to get under the $5 / puck price point. I am going to try it on my friend's homebrew CNC. If it works out okay, I'll probably have 30 or so made up at the machine shop.

I am going to fillet the edges so it slides better and doesn't hang on vertically adjacent pucks. I am also leaning toward the tube stock which has a 1" diameter hole in the middle, decreasing both the weight and thermal mass.

Monty, are yours stainless steel or aluminium. If aluminium, did you get them anodized?

2010 Jun 30
aluminum. i have no idea if they're anodized though? they don't show any signs of rust.

2010 Jun 30
Aluminum doesn't rust, it oxidizes. The oxide is a chalky white powder which although annoying when it transfers to your hands, really has no other impact to this application. Anodizing is a controlled oxidation that creates a uniform, and much thicker, oxide layer that does not transfer on contact with a damp surface. Both raw and anodized are safe in this application, I was just wondering.

2010 Jul 3
From my various searches most of these are not anodized, I have doubts that the anodizing would handle the direct heat (residual) of the heating plate.