Anyone get PDC Cabine a Sucre reservations this year? [General]

2010 Mar 1
I sent multiple reservations requests for Au Pied de Cochon's cabine a sucre months ago and have not heard a word back...apparently they are still fielding requests made last fall! It would appear that it is going to be nearly impossible to get a spot this spring...guess i have to wait until next year which seems a bit crazy.

Anyone have any success this year?

2010 Mar 1
I too sent a request (by email) but nothing heard yet.

Will let you know if I hear anything.

2010 Mar 1
I sent an email request in early January, and followed up with a voice mail a few weeks ago. They called back to say that they are stil processing email requests from December...and will get to the January requests soon.

We were lucky enough to get a reservation last year, but I suspect that we will have to do without the amazing Tourtičre and Maple Syrup Cotton Candy this year. Bummer!

2010 Mar 1
good thing i went last year, it was so easy to get a reservation last time! guess i wont be able to go on a whim this time...

2010 Mar 3
Wow - is it really that popular? I was hoping to go this year but didn't realize that people were already making reservations..

2010 Mar 6
Drats ... I went back to their website, and it says they are fully booked for this year.

Will have to put a reminder to myself for next year ... to send an email sometime in the fall, I guess.

2011 Mar 2
PDC Cabane a Sucre Reservation Available: Forum - PDC Cabane a Sucre Reservation Available

2011 Mar 9
Thanks to the posting on Ottawa Foodies about when the reservation system went up... I did indeed get a reservation!!!

See my review and blog post on it here:

2011 May 2
I went to the Cabine this weekend and am glad to say that the experience exceeded my rather lofty expectations. I was anticipating a meal of pure unadulterated gluttony and a lot of ‘fusion-y’ flavours. I was pleasantly surprised on both counts that this wasn’t the case.

The meal started with a pea soup with foie gras - the only overt apperance of foie gras on the menu, although I am sure it was incorporated in other dishes. The soup was notable in that it stuck completely to the flavours of a traditional, albeit excellent, split-pea soup; a hint of maple, smoked pork and the foie slightly melted such that there was a slick of duck fat on the top. It was excellent, but somewhat unremarkable in comparison to what was to follow.

The appetizer trio of orielles de crisse salad, smoked sturgeon/buckweat blinis and tempura-fried maki de creton followed. The salad was nice, and a necessary palate refresher, not nearly as heavy as I expected. The maki was a blast of meaty goodness (and the only real fusion dish). The sturgeon was something from another planet. A+, 10/10 I can’t give it enough praise. I would love to stop into a resto to order just a plate of that...garnished with creme fraische, parsley/dill and pickled onions. Fortunately the Chelsea smokehouse is not far away...

The mains were a whole roasted chicken garnished with dumplings and pieces of seared duck liver; a lobster omelet, baked beans with fresh farmers cheese and the piece de resistance: a whole suckling pig leg smoked 12 hours and served in a maple sauce. Everything was excellent, but the pork reigned supreme over the meal. It had the texture of roast pork but the subtle colouring and flavour of a lightly maple cured ham, with perfectly crispy skin. Words really can’t do it justice, simply one of the best main dishes I have ever tried.

Desert is probably 1/3 + of the focus of the meal. Maple taffy, apple tart, an ice cream cake-like thing with maple candy floss on top and potato pancakes fried in duck fat and sauced with maple syrup. I have no sweet tooth and really enjoyed everything nonetheless. For me, the tire d’erable and the pancakes were most notable; the best I could the pancakes is McDonald’s hash browns on psychidelic drugs.

All in all a great experience that also provided fair value in my’s not something I’d likely do more than once a year, but everyone in our group left feeling certainly full but not uncomfortably gorged...we’re lucky that such a place is so close to Ottawa.

2011 Dec 5
Anyone have any luck for 2012?? I completely forgot, going to try and get on the waiting list...

2011 Dec 5
FYI, not sure if anyone else posted this, but Murray Street is doing their own sugar shack experience (albeit significantly more expensive) right in town: