PDC Cabane a Sucre Reservation Available [General]

2011 Mar 2
Hi everyone. I have a reservation for the Au Pied de Cochon Cabane a Sucre at 8pm on Saturday, April 2 for ten people. A few of my crew, including myself, can't make it, but we were fortunate to have another reservation on a weekend that was better suited.

So, the reservation is available and I understand that they are booked for the year. Therefore, I thought I'd offer it up to the general community before I call and cancel. Let me know if you are interested in taking control of the reservation and I will call APDC to make the necessary contact changes.

I believe there is a small deposit that is taken the week before the dinner, although I am not sure. The final cost works out in the range of $35-45 per person.

2011 Mar 2
Well, I'd like to go, of course, if only I could find 9 interested friends...

An OttawaFoodies "expedition" to that place would be fun, if there are enough here who are interested and available on that night.