Bad Food [General]

2010 Feb 13
I know we all like to talk (mostly)on the good food we eat but what about really bad food that you know that you should have never ate but did. For example, last year in Texas, I had to try the Chicken Fried Steak with mash and a gallon of gravy. Its was great but I think I felt like a 500 pound cow after that. A ribeye, coated with chicken batter and deep fried. I also had deep fired turkey in a small joint in Alabama - good but oh I paid for that one !!!

2010 Feb 13
Hmmm, not sure what there would be to "pay for" a proper deep fried turkey.

The only bad food I typically have is stuff I inflict upon myself. Usually stuff left out that I am loath to let go to waste so I eat it anyway. Like Homer and the Hogie :-)

2010 Feb 13
Zym - its so darn good you go for more and more.. and the sides down in the USA south is also all deep fried. Its a meal of deep fried goodness and with all you eat.. can not be great for the whole system. But damn its good !!

2010 Feb 13
Food that is bad for your health,but good for your soul?

I heard about Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburgers a.k.a Luther Burgers!!

I love cheap icing vanilla cake with hard icing roses that you can buy at grocery store.
I know this cake is nothing but fat and sugar. Using special shortening for the icing, which is called "high ratio shortening." This shortening can hold more air and sugar than regular sortening!! Yes, more sugar in fat!!!
I need to eat this junk once in a while. Cut a big piece, it is so good I hate