cheap ionizer for the fridge? [General]

2009 Aug 30
I got a Heaven Fresh air ionizer a while back at a Pharma Plus, because it was on sale and I'm a real sucker for sales. It's an older model and apparently it vents a lot of ozone. I can believe that, because I had it on my desk and if it was too close to me I developed a cough. So I stopped using it.

Fast forward . . . it was my turn to clean the fridge at work and it definitely needed it because some people had forgotten food in there and it went really bad. Even after we took everything out, wiped with antibacterial cleaner and steam cleaned, people still complained about the smell.

Baking soda didn't work either. So I thought "what the heck" and put the air ionizer in there (model xj-2000). The small wire to the power adapter I ran out of the fridge at the hinged side of the door.

Worked like a charm. After a few hours the smell was gone and the fridge smelled fresh and clean. I think it was the ozone.

Since then I've tried it at home when we had to store a lot of blueberries, wild raspberries or other garden or foraged stuff in the basement fridge - it definitely stops spoilage.

I've also used it in a picnic cooler prior to incubating natto in there, figuring the ozone would sterilize the chamber. It seems to work.

Great little device, not for ionic air freshening, but for ozone sterilization. Now I wish I had bought two, because it was on sale for $25 when I picked it up I think.

2009 Aug 30
Here is a pic of the thing . . .