Blogger gets the Throw-Down from Kogi [Site]

2009 May 20
My friend Liz writes a food blog in Los Angeles. She is an aspiring food writer and approached several vendors in the area for their feedback to contribute to her assignment in her food writing course..

With the risk of being called "Spam", I invite avid food readers to peruse the following links to see what happened when she approached the PR Rep from Kogi, the locally famous Asian fusion taco truck chain.

It really is a good read.

Liz's blog:

The beginning of the aftermath:

on a side note: I'm visiting LA this weekend and planned to hit up Kogi to taste the experience but this entire ordeal has left a bad taste in my mouth. I guess we'll have to make our own!

2009 May 21
The crux of the problem here is "Asian Fusion", and specifically, the term Fusion. As soon as we eliminate that word from all food related descriptions (or use the word Fusion in all food descriptions), the world will right itself.

on other fronts, this is an issue i can't really relate to: some dumb restaurant "PR" rep takes a blogger to task and they (the blogger and the PR person) can't handle this off-line?

edit: my residual crankiness (brought in from the "what is science" debate elsewhere) aside, it should be a fun trip to tag along w/ an aspiring food writer - have fun, and do try Kogi. ;)

2009 May 23
Have fun waiting for the Kogi truck! I'd love to hear what you thought of the food. My biggest tip would be to NOT make plans the evening you are Kogi-ing it. I spent two days chasing the Kogi truck, drove a total of 5 hours in the city because of it, and came out with nothing because I didn't factor enough time for the wait. The truck is always late, but you can follow them on twitter to see where they are. Both times we tried eating at Kogi, the truck was about 1.5 - 2 hours late. The line ups are crazy long, and I'm just hoping the food is worth it.

As for the PR response, I found it kind of funny because there was some truth to it. While it is good exposure for Kogi, they have been featured in major publications such as NY Times, Serious Eats, and countless LA blogs. At least your friend learned something from it.