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Referring to gluten-free products offered by the vendor.

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2011 Sep 3
To qualify: All the products my wife and I have ever purchased from Art-is-in Bakery have been awesome. The quality, the taste, the presentation is second-to-none.

The issue I want to identify and clarify refers to the label "gluten-free". This label can be applied in two contexts. The first is implying the product is made without any gluten-based ingredients. The second denotes that the product contains no gluten-based products, was prepared separately from any gluten-based products, and is racked/stored/packages with an eye on preventing any cross-contamination.

My wife has Celiac's Disease and it is important to us that the second label holds true. A granule of gluten no bigger than a grain of salt is enough to trigger a reaction. Prior to today we had been buying "gluten-free" products from Art-is-in Bakery but after our last purchase and my wife had a reaction she decided to inquire further about their preparation and packaging.

It was clarified that Art-is-in does make its gluten-free fare without gluten-based products but it is prepared in the same space as the gluten-based products and they are packaged/stored without special consideration for preventing cross-contamination. This was confirmed by the clerk who, unfortunately, remarked with disdain that they "never guaranteed" that their gluten-free products have never come in to contact with gluten.

So, if you are just trying to eat gluten-free (like me) and don't have any concerns with cross-contamination I highly recommend Art-is-in Bakery. The products are awesome.

If you have a health concern like my wife you should not buy any gluten-free products there because their labeling only applies to the products used to prepare the item and does not represent a guarantee that no cross-contamination may have occurred.