Where to get Chicken Box

2010 Aug 29
3 chicken fingers, 5 chicken fries, 5 wings, 3 nuggets, potato wedges, BBQ & plum sauce.

Ordered this yesterday. I rarely order pizza now because I'm so used to it and I want to try new things on the menu.

Delivery time was longer than I thought, 35 minutes, seeing as how the place is less than 10 minutes away. Maybe I'm being selfish.

Anyways, on to the food.

I opened the box and unfortunately the BBQ sauce it comes with opened in the box and got all over a small bit of the food. Normally I wouldn't be upset but this sauce was terrible. I'm not sure how to describe it. It was really watery tasting. Prefer Gabriel's BBQ sauce.

The plum sauce thankfully didn't open and it tasted good. Nothing special.

The wedge fries were really dark, I thought they burnt them at first but they were nice and soft. I was expecting more spices, they tasted more like soft french fries.

The chicken nuggets were plain, nothing to them. Soft and barely brown. Thank God for the plum sauce.

Chicken fingers same, chicken fries same.

But the wings. I love these types of wings. They were plain, no sauce, and crispy enough, not like in a Chinese restaurant. I had salted the box up and the wings benefited. They were delicious.

My whole family thinks I'm crazy because I like plain things: plain chips, turkey without gravy, cereal without milk, plain chicken wings and so on. But I just do, I like to taste the food I'm eating, not cover it up.

So that's it a lot, I liked it. The BBQ sauce was terrible and $11.00 for it before taxes, tip, was not too bad for a first time purchase.

Next time I may just get plain wings and fries.